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<< I acknowledge that there is a trade-off between performance and appearance.
(I'd never consider fighting in
  a full mail kit!)  But the opposite extreme is just as distastefull, if not
more so!!  

Not being a fighter, I may be WAY off here..............

But, I know people who fight SCA because it is primarily a competetive contact
sport (the historical aspect is secondary to them)

I also know people who fight SCA because it is a historical re-creation
activity (the competitive sport is secondary to them)

Depends on WHY you fight as to how you will present yourself fighting.  I
think it is a good idea to have tabards, surcotes, etc... to cover the
mundanities.  Being a spectator, it is often distracting to see one fighter in
full period armor go against a fighter in the jeans/duct-tape/neon hockey pads
look.  Unless the surcotes hinder or otherwise prove to be a hazard in
fighting, I think it is a good and relatively inexpensive solution to ragtag

I don't think that it really should matter WHY a person fights, as long as
they fight honorably and at least present the surface appearance as period.  

I'd be willing to help a fighter make a simple surcote/overpants set or a
tabard.  I'm sure others into garb-making would be willing to help out too.  

What do you think?

 (Reminds me when I was Hospitaller of the College of Twr Cath, and lived at
home.... Mom got SO flustered.  "Why do people keep calling my house for this
Aurora woman!")    ;-)
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