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Wed Jul 1 07:52:10 PDT 1998

Manfred Wolf wrote something akin to:
> I'd love to see marshalls escort poorly garbed fighters off
> the field!! (Manfred! You opened a can of worms with that statement!!)

This has two sides to it as do all stories.  Would it be fare to have a
new, inexperinced fighter taken off the feild because his armour is not
up to "snuff".  What if he/she doesn't sew well and is too new/timid to
ask for help in making a tabbard?  On the other hand it would not hurt
my feelings for a fighter who has been in for years but is unwilling
[KEYWORD being "unwilling"] to cover his trash bits up to be removed. 
If a person has been in fro  years they *IMO* should strive to better

The Mid-Realm's next Crown Tourney is in October.  Below are just a few
of the rules they current Crown Hiers have posted to enter Their
> -  No modern accoutrements may be visible on the list. This includes,
>but is not limited to: tennis shoes, blue jeans, hockey gloves and >other modern sporting equipment.

> -  No duct tape may be visible save that it be on a combatant's >weapon,or an emergency repair after the Tourney has begun.

I like these items.  They have been posted in enough time for all those
who wish to enter now have the time to make arrangements.  Possibly this
sort of arrangement could be put into place in Ansteorra for the larger,
more "tradtional" tourneys.

Anyway, I too think this will be an interesting thread.

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