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Wed Jul 1 11:37:11 PDT 1998

While I have seen the SCA work wonders on people who have socialization
problems, the idea of using it as rehab for gang members scares me. 
Sure, a few of them find us on their own, and it may even save their
lives.  We are not, however, equipped to "fix" gang members.  While I am
willing to help smooth some of the rough edges for the socially impaired
(read that nerds, twits, loners, fantasy gamers, old hippies, or whatever
you wish), I don't need to go to events worrying about how many
unsocialized gang members will visit my tent or booth during the night.

As a helping professional, I want to see these folks rehabilitated; but
it's my job, not my hobby.  I believe those who need us, find us.  We can
then help them choose more mentally healthy outlets for their needs.

(Did I just say the SCA was mentally healthy?  Those people must be worse
off than I thought! ;<))

BTW, did anyone else see the special on bikers on A&E last night?  Any


On Tue, 30 Jun 1998 22:46:20 -0500 "C Scot Henry" <henrycs at>
>My lord (whose interest is the history and philosophy of science -
>basically how cultures affect science and vice versa) and I 
>teacher by training and desire with some exposure to gang influences 
>children/teens) have often had a similar discussion comparing modern 
>with Scottish (being the most well-known example) clans.   I have also
>wondered at how well the SCA would work as a sort of rehabilitation 
>for gang members (past and present).  They can get out aggressive 
>and meet the need for competition through fighting and would have a 
>"family" structure and mentality, especially if able to join a 
>Learning the skills, arts, ideals, etc. of the SCA would help them 
>better, more well-rounded people, show them that they can have a 
>and make them more socially/legally  acceptable.  
>So, what do you good gentles think about this?  
>Forever and always, 
>Lady Capricia
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