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Finally found my snippet of info on mordants for dyeing.
Earlier, 'wolf had posed a question regarding the use
of alum, here's what I found:

Mordants- Color is influenced by the choice of mordant. A mordant
(from the Latin mordere, to bite) is used to help "fix" the dye.  Some 
common mordants are listed velow; they are available from pharmacies
or dye suppliers

Alum - (aluminum potassium sulfate) Often combined with cream of tartar
           gives bright clear colors.

Iron - (ferrous sulfate) Dulls and deepens colors and is called a "saddening"

Copper - (copper sulfate) Used with vinegar, gives a blue-green tint to colors
	It is also poisonous, so should be handled with care.

Chrome and Tin - Chrome gives color depth and greater permanence, and
	tin brightens tones.  Again both are poisonous.

I think you are supposed to use glass or enamelware basins for your dye
baths, because an aluminum basin would add its' chemical components
to your dye bath even if you didn't want it.  So your stuff would not come
out quite the way you might want it to. Once again I pulled this out of 
"The Complete Book of Herbs - a practical guide to growing and using herbs
by Lesley Bremness.  It has a nice helpful section on natural dye-stuffs, with
easy to read and follow instructions.  It also tells you about the types of colors
you get from natural herbs and other plants.  Somewhere I have an article on
what flowers get you what colors.

HE Caterina
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