ANST - tangent on rider/warrior thread

Laury Torrence J-LTorrence at
Wed Jul 1 15:13:57 PDT 1998

> Joanna wrote:
> While I have seen the SCA work wonders on people who have socialization
> problems, the idea of using it as rehab for gang members scares me.

I thing we had sort of gone beyond the "gang" member rehab, and had
focused more on getting them *before* they became gang members.  A
suggestion was made along the lines of a "Big Brothers/Sisters" type of
setup.  I thought maybe a program that ran in conjuction with school, or
a summer program might be a *feasable* idea...........

> I don't need to go to events worrying about how many
> unsocialized gang members will visit my tent or booth during the night.

Sad to say, that very same thought was tickling the back of my mind as
well.  Having been the victim of "fringe" gang activity in my old neighborhood
here in Austin.

> (Did I just say the SCA was mentally healthy? <snip>)

Amusing isn't it?!  But we all need our outlets!  As 'wolf said once earlier
it's our way of staying sane in an increasingly insane world!

HE Caterina
je suis le tenebreux

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