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Wed Jul 1 14:23:56 PDT 1998

On 1 Jul 98, at 14:20, Paul Gilbert wrote:

> It has been written........
> We need this kind of thing. We are loosing many 12-17 year olds due 
> to their desire but legal inability to particpate in the action sport end
> of the SCA......fighting.

pop over to your local AMTGARD (sp?) group and note the ages ... much 
younger than the majority of the SCA at large ... aside from the "boofer" 
(good typo, i think i'll let it live ...) style combat, the role-playing fantasy 
focus can be much more attractive to the young than the "historical" 
approach of the SCA.  

have a couple in my neighborghood (another good typo ... fit's the 
increasing gentrification we're dealing with ...) that i talk to now and again 
... interesting to exchange observations.  the local group tends to set up in 
a popular park near (and sometimes *on*) the trail i often ride my offroad 
bicycle on ... more than once my riding pack came tearing  down the long 
trail decline, rounded the corner, and rode *through* the middle of one of 
their combats that had flowed onto a public trail ... could'na resist a 
ANSTEORRA!!! at the top of my lungs as we tracked through and around 
them ....


... When we hunt, we all function with one mind
... - Boingo, Pedestrian Wolves
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