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Wed Jul 1 17:04:23 PDT 1998

Timo wrote:

> I sure didnt mean to imply that they *don't* learn about honor, chivalry,
> courtesy, etc.. by their other interactions in the SCA... Just that they
> could learn how it applys on the field. Fair play, sportsmanship and all that.
> Overall, kids in the SCA are some of the best behaved and most courteous
> that I've seen. Lets not loose them just because they're bored.

Amen to that!!  Having been more and more stunned by the general behavior
of young people in the "real" world, I've grown to be most appreciative of those
in "Our Society".  It seems as though the parents of those raised within our group
pass on the basic things that drew them to play in the first place.......the principals
of Honor and Chivalry.  Earning respect by being respectful of others, and through
good old-fashioned hard work.  Be it water-bearing, arts and sciences, whatever!
Our children seem to be some of the most "normal" and well-adjusted I've seen in
a while.  We all need to continue to encourage them to participate, praise their
efforts, and see that they continue to enjoy playing with us.

HE Caterina
je suis le tenebreux

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