ANST - Re: Amtgard vs. the SCA

ches ches at
Wed Jul 1 15:10:43 PDT 1998

The point here is the younger crowd. Having been in both I have found
nothing but good things to say about both organizations. The simple fact
is NOT about attitude or maturity. It is about money. 

While I was a young person in the society I did not have a problem with
money or others attitude. It was easy for me. But I watched other
youngsters start and leave to spend their small allowences on D&D and card
games rather than armor and weapons. This happened in both groups. 

It had nothing to do with the maturity level. All they saw were fighters
with stuff that cost more than what they had. They could do the garb but
not the stuff. They never saw anyone sitting out there sewing a item,
embroidery, board gaming, illuminating, writing a poem, open
conversations. These are things that they can afford since to start them
only cost about a weeks allowence, not a month or more salary.

The problem is money, not maturity. Many SCA'ers on this list started out
at 14 or 16. You just insulted a whole bunch of them.


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