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Wed Jul 1 12:18:58 PDT 1998

Casey&Coni wrote:
> Okay, gang... I need you to raise your hand if you consider yourself an
> armchair expert (or better, an expert with a sheepskin) on the 15th C.
> Specifically, I'm looking for anyone with any sum of knowledge on port
> activities and life in the 15th C.   I am working on a project that may
> involve a good deal of consulting.
> Dieterich


You might want to contact Craig Levin (clevin at, known in the SCA
as Dom. Pedro de Alcazar. I have just added this paper from him to the 
TRAVEL section of my Florilegium:

med-ships-art     (23K)  6/30/98    "Medieval Ships” by Dom. Pedro de Alcazar.

This article is about 15th C ships and shiplife. It is quite possible that
he could help you with port activities and life also. This file should be
up on the website in another week or so. Or send me email and I will send
it to you that way in Word 6.0 or text format.

I will also be adding his Master's Thesis on medieval ships to my Florilegium
as soon as I get it edited.

Stefan li Rous
stefan at

(I am sending this message to the list as well as Dieter because I thought
some others might also be interested. My files can be found at:
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