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You were right on target about the friends from college I tried to get into
SCA, and it didn't work.  They are drama majors, or drama groupies, and VERY
into the fairies and elves and sorcerers aspect of fantasy role playing.  To
them SCA "rules" were too limiting. (It limited their creativity that they
couldn't be elves, sorceresses, or other fantasy-oriented characters)  That
and the they are really into actively "entertaining" within a role.  They do
the Renfair "playtron" thing to fulfill acting desires.  

Back when a few years ago, in our middle 20's, they were all into Renfaire and
Amptgard.  Now, in late 20's/early 30's it is vampire games for them.  Tastes
have evolved, the "group" has evolved.  

I am not a "character player" type, so I never was interested in these
activities in college.  In theater, I was on the costume and set crew, and let
the actors do the acting........

I am mostly into SCA for the creative outlet through A&S activities.  And, the
escapism of dressing up and "playing olden times" every once and a while.
And, the people I have met through the group.  

I, personally enjoy doing research and hunting up information.  And the
historical aspect of the SCA appeals to me.

Now, my husband is an actor in community theater, and he is into the SCA
equally for the role-playing of a persona, as well as the love of the era we
play in.  He has been to 2 events, and has developed more of a persona than I
have since '89!  He is the "performer" type, I am not.

The fighting is a very visible and well-known aspect of what we do.  And, I
think the fighting is what initially draws a LOT of people to the group.  Most
people I know got into it either from seeing the SCA at TRF or seeing a
fighter practice in the park.  

I think having more demos of other SCA stuff is a good idea too.  People will
initially be drawn to the spectacle of the fighting, and then they will look
around and see those doing other SCA stuff like A&S projects, dance, bardic,

The fighting is the best "draw", but there has to be enough varied things
there to keep the attention of those not into fighting as much.  My draw was
costuming, because I was already a costumer and mundane seamstress.  Another
person may be into woodworking, or painting.  The key to keeping people is
matching their mundane interests with an SCA interest.  Because, no matter how
"cool" they think the SCA is, they will not stay long if they cannot identify
with it.  We want participants, not spectators.  

I tried to do that when I was hospitaller for the college of Twr Cath.  Find
out what interests they already had, and guide them into the SCA
interpretation of them.  That way they had something to keep them intrested.
That and try new things.  Example:  Try your hand at just about any SCA
activity once, before disregarding it.  

I suppose, emphasizing the diversity of the group is a good "selling point" to
potential new members.  


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