ANST - How to involve young folk- attn Legal Eagles and Parents

Nathan W. Jones njones at
Wed Jul 1 19:02:24 PDT 1998

Greetings Friends!

Oh, I think this is a nifty idea!  In fact, at Castellan in Northkeep a month ago,
there were competitions for two Children's Castellan positions.  Like the adults,
they were required to enter a certain number of contests, and had to win at least
three to be eligible for Castellan.  Included in the competitions were, (I think),
heraldry, thrown weapons (using boffers, I think), archery (using golf tubes),
bardic and A&S.  There might have been more catagories, but I was in the kitchen
cooking and didn't get to watch.

If somebody who's child participated,  or a good person of my  barony who was less
distracted than myself would comment, I'd sure appreciate the help.


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