ANST - question on dying process ...

Nathan W. Jones njones at
Wed Jul 1 19:07:54 PDT 1998

j'lynn yeates wrote:
> if you use alum (a aluminum compound, or am i incorrect?) why do so
> many instruction sets  recommend you not use aluminum pots to dye in
> (seems to always be glass or enamal ware that is suggested)

One reason for insuring that you use a pot that is "neutral" would be to control the amount
of a mordant in the dyebath.  If you add alum you know exactly how much of the metal affects
the dyestuff and can repeat the process to (hopefully) get the same color.  The addition of
additional metals from the pot can cause wild variations in the color you get depending on
how much metal has leeched into your water.

Just a guess,

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