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Wed Jul 1 21:02:07 PDT 1998

Joe Wolf wrote:
> I recall the words of Graf Galen during his reign as monarch.  At the Warlord Tourney, he gathered all the
>  fighters and charged that the winner of the Tourney, the Kingdom Warlord, was to be responsible for fielding
>  a prepared army at Gulf War.  He stressed appearance in addition to skill at arms!  Would that more of us
>  took this aspect as seriously!!
> Lord Manfred Wolf  (Hey! When you fight as poorly as I do... all you can do is LOOK good!)  <wink!>
> Barony of the StarGate, Ansteorra

I only wish my own kit were as period as I might like...but I am working
on it.  The legs are done, and the splinted gambeson is nearly
ready....soon as I can get the hauberk finished, I get to take my spiff
barrel helm off the stand and put it on for combat!!!!!

Galen K.
Galen W. or Rebecca Bevel
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