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Wed Jul 1 21:34:04 PDT 1998

Just to add to the dye discussion, here are a few dye plants you may have
growing right now; some are native to Texas/Oklahoma.
This is simply a list, straight out of Vegetable Dying, by Alma Lesch. I am
always fascinated by the idea of using what we have on hand--

Crab apple, pokeweed, scarlet sage (salvia), butterfly weed, chrysanthemum,
cocklebur, dahlia, dandelion (already mentioned), daylily goldenrod, marigold,
lily of the valley, mulleiin, peach leaves, red onion skins, yellow onion
skins, zinnias,elderberries, hollyhock, safflower, barberry, burley tobacco,
floribunda rose, privet, sumac, seaweed, sedge, sunflower seeds, blackberries,
concord grapes, mulberries, acorns, blackwalnut, coffee, hickory,  pecan,
Queen Anne's  Lace, red cedar, tea, tomato vine, sassafras.

Sorry, no mimosa or hydrangea. But I say go for it! and let me know how it
turns out.
I will answer any questions as to mordants, color fastness, etc, by private e-

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