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Wed Jul 1 16:10:20 PDT 1998

Greetings to the List:

Concerning mordants: Back during my brief career as a carpet cleaner, we 
used to use table salt when dyeing carpet to make the color 'strike'; 
that is to say, to make the color go into the carpet well. Carpet, 
though, has a unique fiber construction. Nylon is colorless and non-water 
absorbant, so in order to make the fibers a color, they spin them hollow, 
and include 'dye sites' or 'dye ports' - little holes in the fiber wall 
that lets the dye in. Carpet dye is thus very similar to tatooing; The 
color is on the inside. (That's why you can't get that red koolaid stain 
out; red food dye strikes like crazy.)

The point is, I think the salt merely made the color flow into the dye 
ports better. Has anyone heard of salt used as a mordant for other sorts 
of dyeing? What are it's applications?

-Erik Wulfriksson-
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