ANST - Dance Teachers Event

Russell russmax at
Wed Jul 1 22:34:15 PDT 1998

Greetings, Lord Philip, et al,

We could schedule a dance instructor round-table meeting sometime between
courts, while the consort musicians are playing. I understand there is a room
available, or we could just meet in the middle somewhere. Anyone interested in
comparing notes with other dance teachers and/or planning future dance
activities, please e-mail me (russmax at so I can know who to look
for. I'll try to have it heralded at the event, also. 

I do have a few ideas for advancing the state of dance in Ansteorra,
particularly the north. It involves training interested dance instructors,
perhaps publishing a dance-instructors' manual and CDs, and visiting groups in
the north (or other regions) to help jump-start dancing in those groups. It
might even involve having an all day event for training and equipping dance
instructors. I can usually get a thirst for dancing going in a group, but when
I leave, if there is no one there to carry on, interest often dies off. 

If you would like to get dancing going in your group, please e-mail me and/or
seek me out at Coronation. I'll be dressed as a red and gold Renaissance
Christmas tree ornament, but I won't be wearing glasses. I would love to talk
to you. I also recommend attending the dance instructor round-table, if we
manage to have it.

Lord Guillaume de Troyes
Noted dancer of Mooneschadowe

Craig Shupee' wrote:
> Greetings!
> I think it would be great to get the dance teachers together to
> hold/gather at an event.  I almost lost my voice from teaching at
> Midsummer's Ball, and would love a chance to dance without having to
> call/teach every one.  After a disscusion with other dancers, I find
> that their is a hope for this kind of ball.
> A round table disscusion also sounds like a good idea.  I'd like a
> chance to disscus with other teachers why they dance/teach in a certain
> way.  As well as a chance to compare sources/documentation.  It all
> sounds like fun.
> Interest sounds best voiced by the North right now, so why don't we try
> and meet there.  Coronation sounds like a good a choice as any.
> Philip White
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