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Wed Jul 1 23:37:56 PDT 1998


To begin, I want it clear I interpret "dance instructor round-table 
meeting" as a chance for people to compare notes on dance, in particular 
the teaching of dance.  Not a chance for people to "pick my brain" about 
documentaion for a particular dance.  I would like this to be a meeting 
where I improve myself by comments from other instructors, not to say I 
don't grow from sharing my knowlage.  I'm happy to let people "pick" 
during guild meeting or where else I'm teaching dance.  I hope this 
disscusion leads me to teach teaching, not just performance.

This should work.  We can try and gather the dance teachers of Ansteorra 
and plan for advancing our art.  I know many groups would like to begin 
dance but do not have the experience/resources to begin a strong guild.  
Having taken over a strong guild numbering over 30, I was surprised at 
how hard it was to begin a new guild in the neighboring barony.  I'd 
like to see us put together an idea of what we would like to disscuse at 
Coronation.  As well, we should encourage as many local dancers and 
teachers to attend in our areas.  I know I get tiered of having to call 
straight for 2 hours.  Thats why a try and encourage (force :) ) those I 
know can teach.  Hey, everyone needs a break sometimes.

I'd like to touch on:

Running a dance guild
Starting a dance guild
Introduction to new styles (no ECD scares people)
Running Balls
Indoor vs Outdoor Events
Regional variations
Kingdom variations

Though this looks like alot, I think Ansteorra needs inprovement on all 
these topics.  The first four are the most in need of work, the rest 
improved by those four.  Comments?  What would people like to see 

Your servant to command,

Philip White

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