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Alan J. Boertjens a-boertjens1 at
Thu Jul 2 07:49:38 PDT 1998

Brent Hanner wrote:
> We need to stop trying to figure out why and
> make a place for them in the kingdom.  

There is a place for them in the SCA, its just doesn't involve
fighting...thats a point where Amtgard has an advantage on us,
and always will.

> Lets try and compete for them before we try and figure out
> why we are losing all the teens to amtgard and other such groups.

Folks, just let it be.  The teens will hang out with people their age
and Amtgard has more teens-per-populace than we do.  When they get
older, chances are they will not want to hang around the young'ens
any more and will 'graduate' toward the SCA.  Also, the SCA is right
in the beginning stages of the long-time SCAers' kids reaching the
elder teen ages and peer pressure alone will be a drawing point. 

We don't really need to be recruiting individual, or groups, of teens
without having their parents involved...its a recipe for disaster.
Consider all the previous discussions concerning underage drinking
at events without legally responsible guardians present.  And I know
that others along with myself have been asked by teens for rides to
events, both local and regional, because they don't have their own 

In summary, I think this is a non-issue, and we should just leave
things the way they are.  Active recruitment for the Amtgard teens
will be bad in the long run, because of the points in the above
paragraph as well as drawing fire from the entire Amtgard populace
in general.

In service for The Dream,
~Ld.Johan Bjornsson
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