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Michael F. Gunter mfgunter at
Thu Jul 2 08:23:47 PDT 1998

> This leads to another question...Since not all fighters or knights are
> from the same time period, does it lessen the "romance" aspect of the
> tourney field if you were to see a later period fighter come out in full
> plate and fight an early period personna who was in llamelar? [this with
> the understanding that both fighters had covered up jeans, t-shirts,
> plastic armour, etc...]  Since the Society covers roughly 1,000 years
> there is a LOT of armour variations and styles.  
> Moriel***

Well, a 15th Century knight fighting a 5th Century Roman Legionnaire does
look a bit silly, but if both are in proper kit it looks far better than
a 15th Century knight fighting a guy in a metal football helmet, carpet
armor, and blue jeans.

Also I think the aspect of fighters generally from the same time period
is another reason for the rise of tournament companies who usually date
around the 14th - 15th Centuries.

More blatent opinions.


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