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Nathan W. Jones njones at
Thu Jul 2 09:57:40 PDT 1998

Lord Phillip wrote:

>  I'm happy to let people "pick"
> during guild meeting or where else I'm teaching dance.  I hope this
> disscusion leads me to teach teaching, not just performance.

Ideas on how to teach dance are exactly what I hope to get from such a

I (and Anna) are teaching dance here in Northkeep very much by default.  As bad
a dancer as I am, I have more experience than most of the members of my barony.
My goal as I see it right now is to teach interested gentles what I know,
encourage the interest in dancing as a regular social event, and to instill
basic concepts so that they can best take advantage of the instruction offered
by the Moonshadowe Guild, Namron Guild, Steppes Guild or where ever they should
find themselves.

However, I also realize that I have to learn to be a better instructor and
dancer to best fulfill these expectations.

As for advancing the art of dance, for now I leave that to you, the advanced
instructors. But knowing the current state of dance in the region and kingdom
would help me to teach at a basic level.  I would know to start with a dance
that, while simple, contains the elements that are useful in more advanced

And, maybe, if I know that Italian dances in 3/4 (for example) are the latest
rage, I can plant the seed of that too, at the level I am currently able of

> I'd like to touch on:
> Calling
> Teaching
> Running a dance guild
> Starting a dance guild
> Introduction to new styles (no ECD scares people)
> Documentation
> Reconstruction
> Running Balls
> Indoor vs Outdoor Events
> Regional variations
> Kingdom variations

Using these as starting points for discussion sounds like a great idea.  I'll be
sure and bring a notebook so I can take notes.

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