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Gio wrote:
>My goal as I see it right now is to teach interested gentles what I 
>encourage the interest in dancing as a regular social event, and to 
>basic concepts so that they can best take advantage of the >instruction 

This is what I would like to see encouraged.  Instructors not afraid to 
start with basic knowlage and a new group.  I had the advantage of 
taking over a well established group and was able to refine my teaching 
the year before I was in charge.  Not all have this chance.  I must say 
much of teaching is practice, patience, and manners.  (I've often not 
let my class know I was teaching a dance I had never done, what betrayal 
:) ) 

>As for advancing the art of dance, for now I leave that to you, the 
>instructors. But knowing the current state of dance in the region and 
>would help me to teach at a basic level.  I would know to start with a 
>that, while simple, contains the elements that are useful in more 

We create the current state of dance, both new and old instructors.  As 
well, we advance the art.  Most of what I learned has been from 
independent research, not listening from an instructor.  I also beleive 
what is refered to as "advanced" dances comes from our mouths or lack of 
teaching them on a consistant basis.  I begin teaching a new 
reconstruction with  "Come on, its fun.  It'll be easy" even though I 
know its not a simple heart's ease etc.  They end up having fun and 
fealing like better dancers.  If we start out with "this one's hard,"  I 
here groans.

>And, maybe, if I know that Italian dances in 3/4 (for example) are the 
>rage, I can plant the seed of that too, at the level I am currently 
able of

This is a funny point.  I started a new dance guild in Elfsea, alot of 
compleatly new people to dance.  What did we first learn??? 15th century 
Burgundian dance.  I never gave them a chance to get confused with the 
4/4 of ECD's that aren't well documented to period anyway.  Their having 
a good time and are dancing at a fairly "advanced" level compared to the 

Your servant to command,

Philip White

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