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Thu Jul 2 11:07:48 PDT 1998

You said way better than I. You are correct. The legal age according to
the corpora of the organization is 16 with a signed waiver from both
parents or legal guardians, two signatures. SCA, it is 18, personal
responsibilty waiver. If the parents want a 14 year old to fight, they
must sign said wiaver and the local monarch must agree to allow this in
writing, and one of the parents must stay and watch their kiddo play the
game for several weeks to insure they fully understand what they are
getting into. After all that the parent can drop off said kiddo and must
pick them up at the end of the day.

Other than the peer group situation this is the only thing that is
different that would attract the younger crowd to the sca in the fighting
arena. We have so many other wonderful things in our SCA world that we
should be able to attract them with those. But at the at age, fighting is
the attratction. I personaly am an active member in both, life time
membership in Amtgard, yearly membership in SCA. If you ask me I would say
let it be. I do not want to see a 16 year old who wants to have
fun pommelled into the ground by a another who is on the knighthood track.


On Thu, 2 Jul 1998, Brent Hanner wrote:

> I would have to agree with you about maturity.  I would have
> to partially disagree with you about the money.  As someone has
> said in another post.  There are more active teens in amtgard by

> Brent
> Peder

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