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Ritter Dieterich

     I think that this would be a excellent idea, I started playing when I
was sixteen I worked with my family in the kitchen.  When I finally was
able to get the stuff to fight in and was able to start playing as much as
I wanted. I noticed that the young men of my shire were really bored and
not having much to do but set up and tear down . Well the fighting unit of
Wuyrmschlager got together and asked two of the young men if they wanted to
be pages. We would feed them and clothe them pay their site fee etc... and
when they were old enough and wanted to we would show them what little we
knew of fighting. When they reached eighteen and became authorized we made
them full members of Wyrmschlager. We currently have four pages and the
original two have become members of Wyrmschlager.  This is all good and
such but the only thing this really gave them was a group to belong to they
still had to fetch and carry set up and tear down.  I am not sure what I
could do to help, but if there is anyway that I can help get fighting
started for the younger than eighteen crowd please let me know because I
see the very real need for it in the eyes of the young men and women in the

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