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Alexis wrote:

>  It seems there are a number of fighters who are planning on wearing more
> period armor, but will this change if they don't tear up the tourney circuit?
> Just curious as I plug away on the chainmail shirt.

I think that many fighters will persist with period armor even if they do not
tear up the field.  My lord, Etienne, is planning on redoing all his armor to do
even more period looking armor.  I just wrote a painful check for a brand new
helm (Sigh), as he sold his pig-face to Baron Michael.   I also have to figure
out how to get the mud out of those velvet horsehair padded legs.  To many of
the people I know, it is more about the experience and camaraderie of chivalry
than being King.  Though I think that having non period armor can be just as
valid if you try to dress it right.  Does anyone think ill of the kydex breast
plate if it is hidden under a fine jupon, or even a simple surcoat.  Of course
not!   I saw a fighter at Lyoness in full head-to-toe chain mail.  It was
amazing to watch.  You could really get a feel for what it must of been like to
see warriors standing at the battle of Hastings.  I admire the lord who has the
purple horseshoe surcoat with the horse crest.  He must be limiting some of his
overhead shots with that thing, but it looks so right.  I can't even tell you
what the rest of his armor looks like.   I think we can remember that simple and
inexpensive things can make armor look more real.  We forget that creative
anachronism can mean using modern materials and covering them to look more
period.  However if you stand around in period plate with a cigarette in one
hand and a coke can in the other...................  If we are a non-profit
organization that promotes medieval and renaissance history, the pursuit of
things more period can never be a lost cause.

HL Béatrix

Who would take up heavy fighting if it didn't actually involve being hit :-)

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