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Thu Jul 2 12:23:58 PDT 1998

Jane Gehring-Bretz wrote:
> I am so tired of double elimination.  I would rather chew glass than go to
> another double elim. Queen's Champion. We are going to be doing a Pas d'Armes
> instead of the typical double elim. tournament this year  at Stargate Baronial.
> I want to encourage you to all come out an support us.
> Béatrix

You might be interested in looking at this file in the COMBAT section of my
Stefan's Florilegium files for some other formats, historic and not, that
are more interesting than the sports-like double elimination method.

tourn-ideas-msg   (41K) 10/18/96    Ideas for SCA tornements.

These additional files might also prove useful:
tournaments-art   (36K)  8/16/95    Articles on doing more authentic SCA 
                                         tournaments by Arval.
tournaments-msg   (54K)  4/ 2/96    Medieval tournaments.

For the Rapier combatants, this file in the COMBAT-RAPIER section is similar:

r-tourn-ideas-msg (21K)  3/20/98    Rapier tournament ideas.

Stefan li Rous
stefan at
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