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Thu Jul 2 04:01:33 PDT 1998

Greetings unto Lady Rowan,

Robin Gulledge wrote:
> I will be in College Station for approx. 2 weeks and I heard there is a
> fencing equipment place in Austin...I am in dire need of a helm!  If you
> know of this place or someone who has a size small helm for sale, please
> let me know...Also, If you can let me know where the Sunday, Wed. practice
> sites are or what is going in in Bryn Gwlad from July 6\July 15.
> Thank You
> Ldy. Rowan ob Richard
> A. Robin Gulledge

Are you looking for a helm that can be used for rapier fighting? Or are
you looking for a fencing mask?

I do not know of a fencing equipment supplier in Austin. I will forward
this to the Bryn Gwlad and Ansteorra mail lists. Perhaps someone more
knowledgeable there has some info.

There are Tuesday night and Thursday night fighter practices near the
tennis courts (Blondie Pharr park?) on the south side of Airport Blvd.
just a little east of I-35. I don't know if they have any fencers at
the Thursday night practice or not.

Folks, if you have more info for Lady Rowan can you send it to her
email account - agulledg at TTACS.TTU.EDU as she is not on these lists.

Lord Stefan li Rous
stefan at
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