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><< I think it would be fun and educational
> (for the young folk) if some of the Nobility had a couple young people as
> entourage members.  >>

Agreed; the difficulty is getting them together on a regular basis.

>I believe Master Robin of Gilwell has been doing just this for several years.
>The young man who is his page is one of the most well-mannered young
>I have ever met. 

And himself the son of nobility--Baron Tostig and Mistress Rhiannon.

>Perhaps Master Robin could be encouraged to tell us how he does this? 
>I am the mother of a thirteen year old girl who has been in the SCA since she
>was seven, and would not be caught dead at an event. I would love to bring
>but I do not know how. She received her Rising Star at age  nine.
>Mara   (Barony of Elfsea)

What has worked for my kids has been to find the things they like to do and
give them every opportunity to do them. Rosalind likes serving tables and
being cook's helper in the kitchen. Sounds good to me. She has received
both a Rising Star and an AoA. Robert likes serving also, and is very good
at helping to set things up (like pavilions). He also helps the Ministry of
Children in getting things together, and he was a very good assistant at
one of their puppet performances recently. He has a Rising Star.

A good while back we had a Children's tournament at which a herald gave a
class for the kids about heraldry. She used a felt board and had a number
of charges and ordinaries cut out of felt. Several of the kids used these
to create their own devices. Having one of their own helps them to feel
that they really belong to the SCA rather than just trailing around after
their parents.

At the Academy of the Rapier a week ago, Rosalind and Robert both wanted to
take classes. I asked Dona Leah about restrictions, seeing as how they're
both under age (12 and 9 at the time). She said they could do all parts of
the classes as long as they didn't poke anyone and no one poked them. I
would think that this philosophy could be extended to armoured combat as
well (use pells), and archery, of course, works fine.

Aethelyan Moondragon, Bryn Gwlad

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