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Fri Jul 3 09:39:50 PDT 1998

On 3 Jul 98, at 4:01, Sandy M Koenig wrote:

> I have also heard of people using cement mixers, but I think it messes
> them up.  Wouldn't it leave dents in the dryer as well?

tried it once .. spent too much time re-weaving the damage it did to the 
mail.  one of the small mixers without internal blades would work well (or 
stuffing a liner inside - a polyethelene food service container for example.
the damge to the dryer was something i mentioned in a post previous to 
this ... also, if it's one of the older enamel / porcelan on steel type drums 
(most new ones are stainless), you'll seriously mess up the internal surface

> dragging the chainmail behind the truck on the beach sounds like fun.

fell under the catagory of "experiments to perform when totally bored" ... 
was also a good reason for a co-op run to the beach for a party weekend.  

one comments, watch out fo the "men-of-war" washed up on the beach .... 
the really make a mess in the mail and the stingers can get embedded into 
the mesh (personally, i never go near the gulf with a good supply of 
"Adolph's Meat Tenderizer" - breaks down the jellyfish enymes that are 
trying to disgest your flesh if you have a run-in with them)


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