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C Scot Henry henrycs at
Fri Jul 3 13:06:35 PDT 1998

Thanks to all who responded on this subject.  I too am not sure how/if  it
would work but the idea has crossed my mind more than once.  
Not only have teens/children been overlooked in the SCA, but in society in
general.  I think as many have said that we might accomplish this goal
better by getting people interested in our group before they actually
become involved in a gang, which might be possible on an individual
mentoring basis.  Maybe , we can do more demos aimed at this group of
I'm not for the willy-nilly recruitment of gang members and do not think
that those who are more involved in their gangs would even consider joining
us as a change.  However, I do think there are those who feel they have no
other options and when they realize they do may choose those other options.
 I had such a friend.  He was in a gang due to having no real family or
other people who might teach him about life.  He was not violent by nature,
but had done violent and illegal things.  He had personal honor and was
even chivalrous, especially when it came to helping others or treating
women correctly.  However, he simply knew no other way of life.  I do not
think he would have been dangerous on the tourney field, although I do
think that lots of training and even watching for outbursts of anger on any
new fighter is a good idea.  
I may be very naive in this, but I think education is the key to so many of
our society's problems.  As well as helping everyone find a purpose for 
their lives.  The SCA can accomplish both of these with less formalness so
might be more easily accepted than other programs.  Many people have
commented that SCA children are often better behaved than most, if this is
true doesn't it say a lot for the merits of our group?  
Anyway, it was  just an idea for discussion.  If any one is really
interested in pursuing this further beyond the idea stages, please contact
me privately and maybe we can "help save the world"  as HE Caterina said.

Forever and always, 
Lady Capricia d'Aulnay
Michelle Henry

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