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>Greetings unto Lady Rowan,
>Robin Gulledge wrote:
>> I will be in College Station for approx. 2 weeks and I heard there is a
>> fencing equipment place in Austin...I am in dire need of a helm!  If you
>> know of this place or someone who has a size small helm for sale, please
>> let me know...Also, If you can let me know where the Sunday, Wed. practice
>> sites are or what is going in in Bryn Gwlad from July 6\July 15.
>> Thank You
>> Ldy. Rowan ob Richard
>> A. Robin Gulledge
>Are you looking for a helm that can be used for rapier fighting? Or are
>you looking for a fencing mask?
>I do not know of a fencing equipment supplier in Austin. I will forward
>this to the Bryn Gwlad and Ansteorra mail lists. Perhaps someone more
>knowledgeable there has some info.

There aren't any over-the-counter fencing suppliers in Austin. There used
to be one in Houston (International Sporting Goods), but 
a. I don't know if they're still around, and 
b. they were mostly concentrated on speed-swimming and soccer the last time
I was in there, the fencing stuff was pretty limited.

HOWEVER, do not despair. The USFA Summer National Fencing Championships '98
is happening here in Austin on July 4 & 5. I expect that there will be a
number of vendors on site who should have a *wide* selection of equipment
for sale.

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	-Tivar Moondragon

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