ANST - Home-grown dye palnts

sabella sabella at
Sat Jul 4 05:12:26 PDT 1998

dunno if anyone brought this one up...but poke berries, that grow on the side of
many roads....a weed, by any other name makes a lovely dark pinkish purplish
dye....used to make a natural ink out of it....
mordants can be vinegar, alum or urea.....urea comes in big bags, from chemical
supply houses.  some recently said it was used some something inpools,, dunno,
don't have a pool.

Deborah and Robert Wade wrote:

> At 12:34 AM 7/2/98 EDT, you wrote:
> >Just to add to the dye discussion, here are a few dye plants you may have
> >growing right now; some are native to Texas/Oklahoma.
> >This is simply a list, straight out of Vegetable Dying, by Alma Lesch. I am
> >always fascinated by the idea of using what we have on hand--
> >
> >
> There are several books on Dyeing with Native Plants available through the
> Native Plant Society in your area.  These books generally give good
> pictures of the plant.
> Rhiannon
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