ANST - Giving Awards to SCA Youth

Deborah and Robert Wade dwade at
Sat Jul 4 19:38:37 PDT 1998

Above all check with the parents before recommending children for awards.
It is not fair to the child to give him an armigerous award when he does
not understand the meaning even if you (the non parent) believe that he is
deserving. There may reasons why the parent, who knows the child better
than you, is hesitant to have their child receive an armigous award. He
will often be just as happy with a special recognition from the Crown and a
peice of largess.  My son Thomas received a special scroll from Micheal and
Mikela at Steppes Artisan a couple of years ago, and is much proder of that
than he would be of an AOA or of the Rising Star which he does have.
Mistress Ellisena fought for several years to prevent her daughters from
receiving AOAs for several reasons and the people of Stargate respected her

If he understands the award system and its structure and the parents agree
then by all means recommend the minor for awards.  Lady Roselin is a prime
example of a child that was ready to receive her AOA at an early age.  Her
parents were consulted and agreed to the recognition.


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