ANST - Re: Kids with Boffers

Russell russmax at
Sat Jul 4 18:00:05 PDT 1998

Sandy M Koenig wrote:
> Unfortunately, because of lawsuits by parents.
> raven

Of course, anyone can sue anyone for anything. If I get hurt in SCA combat, I
can sue whoever is handy. The blue card and waivers can't stop me from suing,
but they may influence whether I would win the suit.

Two things:
I want a list of all precedents where parents have successfully sued the SCA
for a 16 or 17 yr old in heavy combat, with the necessary qualifier that all
appropriate waivers and release forms were signed by both parents and
juvenile. Are there real lawsuits that we have lost, or is it just a
groundless fear of a lawsuit?

If there is a real danger of parents suing and winning, why hasn't this slowed
down football, martial arts, boxing, rugby, etc?

Lord Guillaume
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