ANST - Re: Kids with Boffers

Sandy M Koenig ravensmk at
Sun Jul 5 03:41:23 PDT 1998

. Are there real lawsuits that we have lost, or is it just a
>groundless fear of a lawsuit?

I don't know of any, I just think there is a fear of lawsuits by the BOD.
>If there is a real danger of parents suing and winning, why hasn't 
>this slowed
>down football, martial arts, boxing, rugby, etc?

Again, I think there is just so much fear of a lawsuit, that the BOD and
other officials don't want to take any chances.  It's odd to me too, that
kids can go out and do martial arts, and football, and nobody seems to
worry about them getting hurt, and I know they do.  There were several
guys on my high school football team that got hurt regularly and
sometimes severely and I never heard of any lawsuits resulting.  It's
just that our society in general has become habitual suers.   I used to
work for a court reporter doing civil cases, and you wouldn't believe
some of the ridiculous lawsuits we dealt with.  One lady claimed she
could never eat green vegetables again because she found a rat skull in
her can of spinach.  Granted that is not a pleasant find, but I don't
know if it's worth suing over.


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