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Sun Jul 5 19:06:31 PDT 1998

On 5 Jul 98, at 17:52, Jane Gehring-Bretz wrote:

> Raven,
> I understand your concern, especially since my Lord is well know for
> passing out from the heat.  However, one layer, of 100% cotton or other
> natural fiber, can help wick moisture away from some of the areas.  Also,
> neither steel, leather, kydex nor any other of these materials breaths
> anyway.  It be comes almost moot at that point.  Fighters... any thoughts?
> Béatrix
> Sandy M Koenig wrote:
> > even if you are an expert fighter, one extra piece of clothing can amke
> > a difference in the hot summer sun.

the europeans who "visited" the middle east learned early on that in that 
environment (similar to ours) a layer of cloth *over* the metal armour was 
almost manditory (look at armour designs from those cultures and the 
normal clothing worn).  

objective here is the same as summer attic weatherization - to prevent 
radient heat from coming through a collector / barrier (roof decking or 
armour) and raising the temperature of the system under them - insulation / 
living space or your body .... 

sooo, i'm wondering if a surcoat with aluminized fabric (radient heat barrier) 
sandwiched on the inside would be at all effective in keeping armour more 
wearable during summer.

same thoughts have run to making my tents more livable in the summer ...

suggestion: if you go in for full torso body armour and are having problems 
with the heat, try to locate some of the ribbed undershirts that are designed 
for the heavy military / police ballistic body armour ... in order for the 
armour to remain functional, it must remain dry (wet degrades it's protective 
abilities), and the close fitting heat-build up can take out a policeman / 
soldier ... these shirts are designed to keep the armour raised off the skin 
and provide cooling / ventilation channels.  makes *excellent* underpadding 
for mail ...

heat build up in armour is not just a sca problem, it's a potentially 
dangerous issue for motorcyclists as well (main reason i stopped wearing 
full-face helmets long ago) ... couple years back got to try out a "air 
conditioned" full face helmet that actually did a decent job of moving heat 
from head (and importnat bodily heat moderation system to protect the 
brain from overheating ...) outside the helmet (internal heat collected by a 
fluid system, solid state heat transfer to external cooling fins powered by 
bikes electrical system ... heat dispersion requires head be moving through 
the airstream) ... hmmm, snag a couple of the 18v battery packs from by 
drill kit to power the electronic and incorporate cooling fins into the armour 
design (**evil grin**)


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