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Sat Jul 4 01:26:50 PDT 1998

Greetings from Baroness Neassa of Stargate:

j'lynn yeates wrote:
> perhaps some thought could be given to a official local / regional / kingdom
> awards designed solely for the young

The Kingdom already has the Rising Star, which is a wonderful award. It
even comes with a scroll and insignia. Some of the Baronies have
baronial children's awards: Stargate has the Rook of Stargate (begun by
Baroness Philippa Rookhaven, and it comes with a scroll), and the Loch
has the Order of the Sea Urchin. These are non-armigerous awards that
require no one's approval except the Baron/ess, and we love giving these
awards. I think every group could have something similar, and the award
could be given out by the seneschal, the minister of children, or local
or visiting nobility or Royalty.
> ... or ... special catagories in our
> suitable competitions for the young folk (arts and sciences comes initially
> to mind) ... you reward and encourage service, give them something to
> strive for, and create something that sets their age-related peers special
> and shows that their presence and contributions are noted and appreciated

In Stargate we select a Junior Champion at the same time we select our
other martial champions: Rapier, Chivalric, Archery, and (starting this
year!) Equestrian. We started this two years ago, and our first Junior
Champion was m'lord Eric from Bordermarch, son of Baron Ericus and
Baroness Amberlea. Our second and current champion is m'lord Daniel
Braithewaite of Seven Oaks from Loch Soilleir, son of HL Robert
Braithewaite and HL Cynthia Braithewaite. The Junior Champion is chosen
by the Baron and Baroness in consultation with the Minister of Children.
The title is given based on children's competitions _AND_ other
participation in children's activities during the day at our Baronial
Championship. The Junior Champion receives a handwoven black and white
baldric to wear for the year, and other prizes, in court, and is named
while we are naming our other new martial champions.

I hope this gives everyone some ideas...

Baroness Neassa of Stargate
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