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Galen W. Bevel galenbv at
Sun Jul 5 20:30:09 PDT 1998

Sandy M Koenig wrote:
> . Are there real lawsuits that we have lost, or is it just a
> >groundless fear of a lawsuit?
> I don't know of any, I just think there is a fear of lawsuits by the BOD.
> >
> >If there is a real danger of parents suing and winning, why hasn't
> >this slowed
> >down football, martial arts, boxing, rugby, etc?
> Again, I think there is just so much fear of a lawsuit, that the BOD and
> other officials don't want to take any chances. 
> raven

Although I basically agree with you about the reason here, I don't
believe that we can lay this one at the feet of the BOD (intead, place
it on those "other officials" you mentioned).  There are Kingdoms that
allow minor aged people to fight in chivalric combat, much less boffer,
with appropriate waivers, etc.  If the BOD were the ones holding us
back, then _no_ kingdom could do would be against corpora, or
at least have a GP&D against it.

Galen K. 

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