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Sun Jul 5 20:56:53 PDT 1998

Kim Tucker wrote:
> Greetings from Baroness Neassa of Stargate:
> j'lynn yeates wrote:
> > perhaps some thought could be given to a official local / regional / kingdom
> > awards designed solely for the young
> The Kingdom already has the Rising Star, which is a wonderful award. It
> even comes with a scroll and insignia. Some of the Baronies have
> baronial children's awards: Stargate has the Rook of Stargate (begun by
> Baroness Philippa Rookhaven, and it comes with a scroll), and the Loch
> has the Order of the Sea Urchin. 

This is a great thread, and these awards are wonderful things and I
really like to see them go out to our deserving young folk.  But I would
like to think back to where the thread started (if I remember correctly)
which was with our older, teenage kids.  The ones who are just a year or
two below the legal fighting age.  And for these kids I would love to
see more stress placed on including them in the "adult" activities. 
There is no reason that a 16 year old's first attempt at sewing a period
gown cannot compete right along with a 26 year old's first attempt. 
Same with service, same with bardic, same with just about everything but
fighting.  And that is with the rules in place as they are today.  All
we need is for two things to happen. One is for people to encourage
these young people to be active, and not to accept a backseat.  The
second is to see that when these people are active, when they show
skill, or perform good service, etc. that they are appropriately
awarded...with the same award that the "adults" get.  If a teenager (or
younger, for that matter) stands up and does the same service, or shows
the same skill as an adult, they deserve the same award.  But......we
have to _recommend_ them, just like anybody else.  

Graf Galen K.

Galen W. or Rebecca Bevel
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