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Sun Jul 5 23:43:55 PDT 1998

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Beatrix opined and queried:

>I understand your concern, especially since my Lord is well know for passing out
>from the heat.  However, one layer, of 100% cotton or other natural fiber, can
>help wick moisture away from some of the areas.  

Agreed...cotton one layer or two is a "good thing". I wear cotton pants, and a 
long sleeve t-tunic under the armor and a cotton tabbard over part of the rest.
A two layer cotton coif goes under the helm and under the gorget. My kidney
belt and gorget are padded with natural fleece, which does wick a way moisture. 
My helm padding is removable...made of "tubes" and "pockets" with close cell
foam in them. These are sewn together and are made of cotton as well. There are
spaces between the pads that allow air to circulate and aid the cooling effect.
As well, there are two "slots" in my helm that allow air to enter and the face 
is mostly open bar work to aid in circulation too.

>Also, neither steel, leather,
>kydex nor any other of these materials breaths anyway.  It be comes almost moot
>at that point.  Fighters... any thoughts?

The point is never quite moot. Armor can, and should, be designed to cope with
the natural climate of the region. Even plate steel can be designed to give
some air circulation. I feel that almost all padding should be of a natural
type that will allow a "wicking" effect for sweat moving away from the body and
for water moving in toward the body. Close cell is great for helms but other
padding can be "natural". This would aid in the evaporation/cooling process.

Learning to recognize the signs of impending heat problems is of paramount
importance. For all concerned...not just medics. Consorts, water-bearers,
marshalls, heralds, as well as fighters need to recognize the symptoms. If we
don't protect each other....who will?!

I will gladly show my armor and padding to anyone at events or practices. As
well, I can expound on the subject (since when have I _not_ had an opinion? 

Just ask...


Waes Thu Heal kinfolk...and safe fighting...!

Sir Kief....(the bigmouth)
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