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At 01:45 AM 7/6/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Galen W. Bevel wrote:
>> Although I basically agree with you about the reason here, I don't
>> believe that we can lay this one at the feet of the BOD (intead, place
>> it on those "other officials" you mentioned).  There are Kingdoms that
>> allow minor aged people to fight in chivalric combat, much less boffer,
>> with appropriate waivers, etc.  If the BOD were the ones holding us
>> back, then _no_ kingdom could do would be against corpora, or
>> at least have a GP&D against it.
>> Galen K.
>I know that Galen is correct about the BOD. The minimum age for chivalric and
>rapier (I think) combat is 16, according to the BOD. The 18 yr minimum is set
>by Kingdom. My question is... Why can't Ansteorra allow these ages on the
>field? What legal precedent is there for disallowing the 16 and 17 year olds?
>Is there a valid legal precedent, or is it just the *fear* of a lawsuit. 

The story/rumor/campfire legend that I've heard is that there is a
particular federal judge (William Wayne Justice) in Texas who is extremely
sticky about signing away the rights of minors. Many years ago the Kingdom
powers-that-were decided they didn't want to mess with it and just banned
minor combat altogether.


>On this topic, there is a progressing line of thought on this and the
>Amptguard thread.
>First: Let's do something to keep from losing our teens to Amptguard, LARP,
>and ren faires.

Are we actually "losing" teenage SCA folks to Amptgard, LARP or Renfair? Or
is it *potential* SCA members that are choosing the other groups instead? 

	-Tivar Moondragon

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