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Thu Jul 2 15:20:38 PDT 1998


I guess I need to jump in here.  The current policy concerning combat with
any weapons (including boffer) is an outgrowth of various policies that
have been sent down from Corp. over the years and internal reviews of
Oklahoma and Texas laws.  At one point the Society Marshall ruled that any
kind of contact combat that happened in the SCA, must be with approved
weapons only.  Since only rattan and rapier weapons are approved, this
effectively killed any other type of combat.  Add to that the Texas law
that says that anyone can sue on a minor's behalf even if they are not
related to that minor, and you get our current policy.  I am aware that a
number of Kingdoms do allow different types of combat, that is their
I will be willing to review any reasonable proposal to change our current
rules.  It will of course have to be approved by the various appropriate
SCA officials and the Crown before it is put into policy.  

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