ANST - Re: Amtgard vs. the SCA

Mary Temple noxcat at
Thu Jul 2 15:55:44 PDT 1998

>Weeellll..........I see we have someone with a perception problem.  
>this started out somewhere altogether different, and became a 
discussion on
>**retaining** the interest of our young people, not *recruiting* new 
>I do not see (nor apparently do the others from **all** over the 
kingdom) as
>being limited to a matter of fact we are blessed 
with a very
>active group of young people here, who set examples for lots of others, 
>AND children.  So if you don't care, delete!  And if you have something
>_constructive_ to say, then say it!
>HE Caterina
>je suis le tenebreux
Actually, I think I started it by responding to someone asking how to 
prevent Amtgard from "stealing" (my word) the teenagers from us. My 
response was in effect (but not stated verbatim): don't worry about it. 
They go to Amtgard as kids, but a lot will get tired of it and move up 
to the SCA. Some will grow out of it sooner than others, some will never 
grow out of it.

As for the young people here in Austin, I am constantly "pleasantly 
surprised" by the ones I see at fighter practice and local functions. I 
don't believe for an instant that Austin is one of the "problem areas".

Lady Catriona Rowley
Bryn Gwlad, Ansteorra

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