ANST - Re: Amtgard vs. the SCA

James Crouchet jtc at
Thu Jul 2 22:16:21 PDT 1998

On 1 Jul 98,, Mark Hinkle wrote:

> Amptguard has its place. It fills a niche that
> the SCA does not - fantasy.

That, and the social aspect seems somewhat different as well. In fact, there are 
a number of differences in approach, theme and other aspects. These 
differences mean that the SCA and Amptgard ar not so much competing for the 
same people, as we are providing different environments, each tending to 
attract the folks best suited for that environment.

What I am saying is that SCA and Amptgard fill different niches and are better 
off each having the other to accept those who don't really fit in.

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