ANST - Re: Kids with Boffers

James Crouchet jtc at
Sun Jul 5 16:32:25 PDT 1998

On 5 Jul 98,, Bob Dewart wrote:

> My apolgies for not keeping up on this thread; however, are you saying
> that no Kingdom allows boffer tournies for their kids?  Didn't someone say
> there was a law against it?  If so what is the statue name and number?

This is NO law that says: "Two youths may not have a pretend battle with 
pretend weapons made of foam." Beyond that, a lot of folks will give you their 
interpretation of how other laws may be applied. For the facts, consult a lawyer 
specializing in law for juveniles.

My chain of command in the Ansteorran marshalate has informed me that there 
is a ruling from the Society Earl Marshal prohibiting boffer combat in the SCA, 
adult or child. This specifically does not apply to foam weapons used as a 
supplement to approved form of combat, such as rapier.

Don Dore

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