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Mon Jul 6 06:00:04 PDT 1998

When I started in Caid in '74 I was only 11, I couldn't fight formally, but
I could still train.  I COULD fight as archer in wars (even my mother
managed that one).  I was in my first tourney in 1979 (after being a squire
a year) (at 16), and that's one of the things that kept me going in the SCA.
Without that SCA would have lost me to D&D because there was little more for
me to do when the 'Adult' play started.  I could serve at feasts, and help
with sites and so on, but at the time, being able to fight held my interest.
I feel if I had come across the SCA now as a youth I would pass it by.

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> it on those "other officials" you mentioned).  There are Kingdoms that
> allow minor aged people to fight in chivalric combat, much less boffer,
> with appropriate waivers, etc.  If the BOD were the ones holding us
> back, then _no_ kingdom could do would be against corpora, or
> at least have a GP&D against it.
> Galen K.

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