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In case you want a refresher...

Mary said:

Well, after two years of Amtgard, I realized that what they
had said about the SCA was actually closer to how Amtgard acted. So I
decided to "make the leap". I've yet to go back. It's funny, when I was
in Amtgard, people talked about others "coming down from the SCA" and
people "moving up to the SCA", despite all the negatives they spouted
about the SCA.

Fox replaied:

I was taking a break from the SCA when I met Mary and we were in Amtgard.
SCA is certainly not unknown to those in the HFS/Amtgard arena and while we
were in Amtgard the SCA did a sample war (using Amtgard weapons) on their
field and was highly amusing.  But this did have the effect of reminding me
why I loved the SCA and giving Mary a new direction and dedication (and you
all have benefited, I assure you).  The majority reasons I fould that
Amtgarders and HFS don't play SCA is the cost as Ches said, the lack of
weekly events one can get to as a youth (a weeknight is not the best time
for a youth to be out late), and no acting.

  I know.. we have personna, but during fighter practice the personna tends
to slip, no one has a defined role they play (Amtgard is a class based
system figher, mage, healer, bard...) and the fighter practice is not
something you can just 'jump' into with a robe or vest on and expect to able
to fight.  They have a VERY defined rule book and the dues is $6 a 1/2 year,
no questions as to what you can do or where to go to do it.  Most of that
lacks in the SCA.

  SCA has a rule book that is not free and not easily readable, it costs a
fair amount to join.  We hit harder.  And armor is expensive.

  If you want to win over Amtgard/HFS you'll have to offer something they
can do that's as much fun as a game, not as serious as a history lesson, and
some people are very.. umm.. (excuse the word here) anal, about their

> Actually, I think I started it by responding to someone asking how to
> prevent Amtgard from "stealing" (my word) the teenagers from us. My
> response was in effect (but not stated verbatim): don't worry about it.
> They go to Amtgard as kids, but a lot will get tired of it and move up
> to the SCA. Some will grow out of it sooner than others, some will never
> grow out of it.

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