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Mon Jul 6 09:01:13 PDT 1998

Actually "losing" membership is not as prelevent as it may seem. Many
belong to all four, and more don't forget V-Larp. Amtgard loses about 50%
of it's membership to them three times a year, then they are back again.
This happens mostly during college breaks. From what I have seen many of
the "brass hat" and "peer" types will cross from one organization to
another to get away from the pressures of being who they are demanded to
be at their events. 

The youth only come to experiance what will be in the SCA in the years to
come, is what I hear from them. I personally steer many of these youth to
the SCA when they are closer to the age of combat. I am a very a&s person
in Amtgard. As such I steer all a&s types to the SCA for further research 
on one project or another knowing full well that they may never come back. 
I tell them that they really need to experiance the good side of all
groups. I ask them to always question hard anyone who speaks ill of any
organization whether it be ours or the knights of columbus.


On Mon, 6 Jul 1998, Chris and Elisabeth Zakes wrote:

> Are we actually "losing" teenage SCA folks to Amptgard, LARP or Renfair? Or
> is it *potential* SCA members that are choosing the other groups instead? 
> 	-Tivar Moondragon
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