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Mon Jul 6 09:47:40 PDT 1998

On 3 Jul 98, at 4:04, AuroraeB at wrote:

> << Wouldn't it leave dents in the dryer as well?
> That is why they go to a laundromat without an attendant, and not their
> personal clothes dryer.........  

which is still damaging someone else's property through totally unecessary 
and irresponsible behavior. ... point i brought up was that there is no need 
to go of our way to create bad feelings / press in the communities we live in 
... anyone or anygroup that is "different" from the norms, by the nature of 
being different in this culture we have to exist in, will attract enough 
negativity and misunderstanding by simply existing, no need to go looking 
for more to add to the balance (in my view, one of the main reasons for the 
heavy emphasis on the "demo's" ... to counter these unwarranted negatives 
with positives)


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