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that's odd ... must have had the wrong list address in the editors 
paste buffer ... "forward" into the past .... sighhh


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> Well so much for tongue in cheek answers.  BTW, the drier solution is
> probably the closest (and easiest) to period.  There are also ways of
> doing it without bringing down the wrath of the mundane locals.  Anyone
> wanting to continue this may post to me personally as I was the one that
> originally posted that "suggestion."  Anyone wanting to discuss my
> irresponsible behavior may also post to me in private.

wasn't a slam so much as reminder that the world see's things 
differently than we do ... and being perceived as a "fringe" group, 
it's important to always remember to not go out of our way to 
annoy the mundanes (bad publicity is always easier to aquire than 
good ... pity humans work that way by default in most cases)

also came from past history of finding only available washers or 
dryers "out of order" for something a previous patron did to them (g) 
to mention that i've heard the "laundromat solution" brought up over 
years (about 20 now ...) just about everytime someone starts 
looking for
ways to clean mail

actually, the "closet to period" is even simpler ... it's *exactly* 
period ... place mail in 2-5 gal barrel, add oiled sand, close barrel,
roll barrel around yard (hint: the large polyethelene food service
containers work well and are resealable ... 

for a less labor / more setup intensive solution, run a piece of 1/2"
steel pipe through center of the previously menntionedl barrel /
container, rig a rope to each end of the shaft, then hook another rope to
the middle of that rope and tie to bicycle rack, drag down trails or
street behind bicycle (barrel turns, mail abrades, you get good workout,
mundanes seriously confused)

> Are there any mail-smithing guilds in the kingdom?  I'm kinda curious.

dun'na think there are any "guilds" but there are a lot of mail 
makers ... have a set of stainless mail & articulated plate started 
on the bench for one of my dancer cynn ("make it however you 
want and i'll pay whatever you ask" ... folks, this is the perfect 
kinda client!!! ... and she's fun to go clubbing with as well ... 
sighhh, it's good being a barbarian!)


... When we hunt, we all function with one mind
... - Boingo, Pedestrian Wolves

... When we hunt, we all function with one mind
... - Boingo, Pedestrian Wolves
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