ANST - Re: Kids with Boffers

Dottie Elliott difirenze at
Tue Jul 7 13:38:43 PDT 1998

>Are we actually "losing" teenage SCA folks to Amptgard, LARP or Renfair? Or
>is it *potential* SCA members that are choosing the other groups instead? 
>	-Tivar Moondragon

I don't know. However, I am concerned that when my son becomes a teenager 
he will have precious little to do in the SCA as it stands now. At almost 
6, he is still mostly interested in playing with toys and can be 
distracted with that. However, at 13, the toys will be quite different 
and not appropriate to the SCA. As a teenager, he will be too old for the 
activities I have seen available at events when children's activities are 
offered. What will be available for him to do? Run errands, herald the 
field (if they will allow teenagers to do that), watch younger kids and 
help with children's activities, do A&S (although most of us adults don't 
do that AT events), serve the feast, etc. All worthy activities yes but 
not as much fun as fighting. My son will rightly say they are mostly work 
activities.  How many of us adults go to every event and work? Not many? 
Well, then we can't expect are teenagers to do that either and be 

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